Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Painted Ladies: Fine art photographer inspires amateur painter

Les Copines, Alive;
 Les Copines photographs are by Cheryl Maeder. Courtesy of Maeder Photography

When the 2014 annual holiday potluck chez Maeder rolled around, I was in a quandary over what treasures to bring the hostess and fellow dinner guests: Judith and Karen. The task of shopping was daunting; the idea of making something exciting. But what to make? I breezed through several options before figuring it out in the shower. The best ideas always come in the shower.
Les Copines, Undines by Cheryl Maeder.
Les Copines Undines Revisited is in the works.

I decided to create paintings based on Les Copines, a series of fine art beach photographs, shot by photographer/designer Cheryl Maeder, starring me, Judith and Karen. Maeder requested that we be her beach babe muses. The experience was between us... our Maederized portraits for all the world to see. 

(Top) Les Copines,Grace by Cheryl Maeder and Grace Revisited in a place of prominence in Maeder's guest bath.

"My photographs are paintings I create with a camera"
- Cheryl Maeder
These simple magnetic frames are a HomeGoods score.
One thing I love about making a gift for someone is that during the  entire creative process, I am binge watching the Walking Dead thinking about that person and sending positive energy their way.

My interpretation of Cloud Nine 1 resides in the guest room.
Maeder got an extra painting. She was, after all, potluck hostess. Cloud Nine 1 has always had my heart. Go to her website to see the original photographic inspiration.