Friday, April 24, 2015


Cinderella found here
Today at Westglades Middle School, I took on an advanced 6th grade language arts class.While I don't have any wild stories or major epiphanies from the day, I did read a few student essays that were lying around. They were both reinventions of Cinderella, and I did enjoy them.

The first one was an optimistic rewrite, where the major theme is kindness and everyone "goes to the ball together." The second, slightly darker version, imagines that Cinderella dies of starvation and dehydration in a basement. And then the stepmother dumps her body in the ocean. The end.

In addition to the Cinderella stories, I found 2 fun post-it notes.

and spied good humanistic hall art.

And one student, showing me a tangled purple rubber band, professed to be the "Queen of Crazy Knots."

Happy weekend, y'all.