Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is Oprah's Word Losing Weight?

You know how they say that Oprah's blessing is golden...that if you are lucky enough to be on her "i like you" list, you've got it made.... well , perhaps the power of O is not as salient as it once was.

On January 13th, Oprah interviewed Kate Winslet. And in the conversation, Oprah let it be known that she loved Kate's breasts. In fact, Oprah high-fived Kate and emoted, "God bless your real breasts!"

So why then, did Kate rank 99th out of 99 on's 2009 edition "Top 99 Women." Kate placed, but placed last. Is that cause for celebration or a recount? Was the poll settled before or after Kate picked up two Golden Globes, before Oprah complimented her 'girls'? had these glowing words to say about Kate: "She fearlessly confronts negative body images in the media and bares her own voluptuous ”imperfections” in films." True, Kate's weight has fluctuated over the course of her career, and it is truly a pity that she has had to deflect criticism about her real curves, top and bottom. I just saw "Revolutionary Road," and one thought that kept popping up was how hot she looked in those tight 50's pencil skirts.

If the poll were, Kate would have made the top 10.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I am vain. Not exceedingly so every waking minute, but I am vain in the sense that one zit can make me go into hiding. I am presently sporting one on my chin, and of course, I feel like it has taken over my entire face. Yet with this particular eruption, i am heeding the advice, here-to-fore unheeded, of my mother, not to touch it. I am excercising restraint.

This zit is running its natural course. I have played dermatologist too much, ending up with little scars along the way. I've battled zits by trying to steam them into oblivion with super hot washcloths followed by a clay mask. I have gone after them with a sanitized needle, followed by a pimple drying medication or calamine lotion.

This may all seem silly, petty, and overly narcissistic because, quite frankly, it is. And I know that, and I am not going into hiding with this one. I have chosen to face life with or without the zit.

Sorry, no picture.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wishbone Creative

On Thanksgiving, I was awarded the turkey carcass. I took it home in a ziploc and it provided me with meat for one turkey vegetable soup, flavor for 3 containers of stock, and the inspiration for one wishbone craft project. I returned the wishbone from whence it came (is whence a word??. My dear friends got their wishbone back on Christmas Eve, just a little altered a la Miss Blogworthy.

1 wishbone, cleaned, boiled, dry
1 old crappy frame
paint (and a brush)
glue (and a brush)
thin wire (and a wire cutter)
A coupla magazines for cutting (note: don't use issues of any of the following defunct mags: O at Home, Cottage Living, Home Companion, Country Home,CosmoGirl, etc. -- they may be worth something in 30 years)

How to:
Paint frame. You will probably need 2 coats.
Paint wishbone and let it dry.
Once dry, brush on a coat of elmers glue and sprinkle glitter on top.
Arrange cut out phrases on cardboard frame insert and affix with glue.
Drill small hole in top of wishbone and through top of frame.

Twist wire in wishbone and then feed up thru frame hole. Secure with tack.
Write something meaningful on the back.