Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I am vain. Not exceedingly so every waking minute, but I am vain in the sense that one zit can make me go into hiding. I am presently sporting one on my chin, and of course, I feel like it has taken over my entire face. Yet with this particular eruption, i am heeding the advice, here-to-fore unheeded, of my mother, not to touch it. I am excercising restraint.

This zit is running its natural course. I have played dermatologist too much, ending up with little scars along the way. I've battled zits by trying to steam them into oblivion with super hot washcloths followed by a clay mask. I have gone after them with a sanitized needle, followed by a pimple drying medication or calamine lotion.

This may all seem silly, petty, and overly narcissistic because, quite frankly, it is. And I know that, and I am not going into hiding with this one. I have chosen to face life with or without the zit.

Sorry, no picture.

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