Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Top 10: Working from Home

Working from home is not always ideal. I don't have a proper office. My desk is in my bedroom. It's over crowded, and feng shui proponents would be wary. Yet, most of the time, it works just fine, like this afternoon. At about 2:30 i was feeling mighty sleepy and rather than fight the feeling, I honored it. I crawled under the covers, read for about 3 minutes, and then drifted away into power nap semi-oblivious bliss.
Here are my top 10 reasons why I like working from home:

1. The coffee is consistent and fresh.
2. The dress code is barefoot and braless
3. Don't have to share fridge.
4. Ditto for bathroom.
5. Don't have to pretend that I am very deep in thought when I am really sleeping.
6. Reoccurring fantasies about UPS guy could actually come true.
7. I can multi-task -- make business call while scrubbing shower or making soup
8. Flexibility in scheduling appointments with Comcast, exterminator, etc.
9. Saved gas money goes toward computer printer ink fund
10.When I am not in the mood to work, I can clean closets and still get that feeling of accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

genius points. I laughed.

camilynn said...

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JoAnn S. said...

stumbled on this site cant stop laughing as its so true and i too work at home. always covered with paint, mica and glue. lol

Sarah said...

awesome, I totally agree.

Di said...

I work from home and my "office" flows from my library/office/sanctuary to the living room couch to my huge bed, where I can take a nap without even upsetting my piles. In the moments before I fall asleep, I have so many creative thoughts and have even written several paragraphs in my head which I miraculously remember when I wake up, that I consider it part of my work process rather than an absolutely wicked indulgence!

Triangle Mom2Mom