Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Old Ads/New Meanings

I pick and arrange things for a living. I choose words, furnishings, and pictures and put them together in an attractive, inspirational, and sometimes button-pushing kind of way.
Since it is what I love to do, I tend to automatically hone my skills at editing and composing even when I'm not working. Last night, for example, I was thumbing through a few vintage magazines and books, and came upon this ad for the State of Virginia.

By blacking out a few words and letters, I gave an entirely different meaning to the headline.

I have always found yesteryear's advertising lingo to be particularly inspiring for good old-fashioned wordplay. I once ripped out a page from a 1960's Sears catalog. It pictured a teenage boy wearing sports-logoed pajamas. His hair was puffy and his smile overdone. The banner at the top read, "FLAME RETARDANT." I blacked out the "F" and the "ant."

Here's another ad with some room for play. What do you see?


lost&foundry said...

I flipping love your wacky wacky smart as heck mind Mrs.Jane!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

be really fresh around the cock?

Vicki said...

Be refreshed...off the clock!