Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Noah's Ark Movie Theater

This evening I took my daughters and two of their friends to see "Eclipse" at the recently renovated Sunrise Cinemas in Deerfield. The last time I was there, the lobby had just been completed, and the beer and wine bar was officially open. This evening I was excited to see how the individual theaters had been updated. My daughter mentioned something about the cool love seats.

We walked in. She was right, it did look pretty swanky. Big boxy leatheresque armchairs were paired up in twos with a movable arm rest in between. Couples can easily raise the arm rest and get cozy. Non-couples can raise the arm rest and spread out if no one requested the other half. Three small people cat fit on the double seater, but someone inevitable gets the crack.

I like change. I like a new comfy theater too. But I don't like walking into a theater and all of a sudden being hyper-aware that I am the fifth wheel, the one without a buddy, the single girl.

I imagined, had the theater been full, that a lovey-dovey couple would walk in just as the movie was starting, and seek me out from the available light, and whisper, "Would you mind moving to one of those single seats over there?" I would mind out of principle, but knowing me, I would move if one of the two single chairs in the theater -- 3 rows up and to the side -- was available.

I get the concept of the renovation, like when an airline goes upscale, gets a slick new brand identity, and then offers more leg room. But If I had been in charge of the renovation, I would have provided alternative seating. According to the Miami Herald, "80,000 people in Florida divorce every year." I would have, therefore, mixed doubles in with singles, perhaps positioning the love seats around the periphery and filling the center of the theater with rows of singles. I have drawn this on a napkin.

OK. I'm off it now. I was caught a bit off guard, and was irked. But now I am inspired. I shall learn a lesson from the glass. The next time I go to that movie theater solo, I'm going to delight in all that space, and look at the love seat not as half empty, but as half full.


James said...

turning a challenge into an inspiration is what i love about you-and admire in your writing-makes me want to go to the movies as the 5th wheel and take it all in.


James said...

ok -see above you know it's me! -lbnyc

Di said...

Just found your blog...I think through Cathy Rosenberg. Love it. I can't help but wonder if this Deerfield theater is where they used to show Independent Movies and it only had a couple screens. I went on a date to see Blue Velvet (OK...almost 25 years ago!) and this apparently was not a film that appealed to the Century Village crowd, so my date and I were the only ones in the theater. The projectionist called down to ask if we were ready to start the movie and told us to let him know if we had to go to the bathroom or to get popcorn or something and he would stop it.

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