Saturday, October 1, 2011

STITCH ROCK: Tis the Season for Beguiling StitchCraft

Stitch Rock. My first. I have a habit of going away in early October, so I have always missed it. Stitch Rock is 5 years old, and is Delray Beach's cool Indie hand made bazaar topped off with kick-ass secondhand clothing, vintage wares, and fab people watching. By not going these last 4 years, I figure I have saved about $400.
In other words...I spent about $100 today. My loot included an Odille (that Anthropologie brand) copper-colored silk skirt with crochet hem ($20), and then a felt bracelet ($18), a feather hair decoration ($20), a few pins ($10), and 3 duct tape wallets for gifts ($45). All but the skirt are gifts.

Here are a few of my favorite things :

 Unicorn Chicks and Dear Deer Trophies made by Sara at Stitch Whimsy

Vintage from Moderna Muerte soon opening on Dixie in West Palm Beach

glass dish garden stakes made by Jennifer at Smash Art Studio

 lace doily pillows from Betsy Bell

Melodie from SnipTease is snipping some sass into a friend's tee.

Wear what you sell:
Karlee's rocking some of her feather hair ornaments and jewelry
Brenda from HumbleBumbleb sporting a pillbox 

wallets from Treasured Tape

and colorful crochet afghans that i love collecting.

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