Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Good Reads for a Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous New Year

January is National Cervical Health Awareness Month and to celebrate the New Year, the health of my cervix and hopefully yours, I wanted to shine a light on three inspiring women authors -- Jennifer Grace Safina, Jacqueline Whitmore and Michelle Whitlock -- who I have met thanks to my cervix.

At one point in time, the four of us were all present at the National Cervical Cancer Coalition's annual conference.
This photo was from the National Cervical Cancer Coalition Conference 2009 in Los Angeles. I am in the back row, far right; Jennifer Grace is beside me. Jacqueline Whitmore is in the red dress, far right middle row. Michelle Whitlock is here too, but the photo is too small for me to point her out
* * *

Jennifer Grace Safina and I met five years ago in a classroom. We became fast friends and worked on a cervical cancer awareness campaign together. Jennifer Grace has since become an "executive dream producer."  She leads motivational seminars and soulful retreats all over the world, for individuals and businesses, in person and on-line, and she was just chosen to be a Hay House author and radio personality. Her book "Directing Your Destiny" will be published in the near future. Here's Jennifer Grace as she appeared on "The Balancing Act" last month.

Jacqueline Whitmore and I met at the National Cervical Cancer Coalition conference in 2008. Jacqueline, a renowned expert on business protocol, was a guest speaker at the conference, and she shared her own story about surviving cervical cancer. I was moved by her candor and presentation, and we continued a friendship beyond the conference. Recently I was invited to her beautiful home to celebrate the publication of her second book, "Poised for Success: Mastering the Four Qualities that Distinguish Outstanding Professionals."

Michelle Whitlock was at that conference too, and she shared her dramatic story about survival. Michelle's passion for life is contagious, and I was happy to learn, after reading a sample chapter a few years back, that her book "How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice: A Memoir of Love, Hope & Empowerment" is now published.

Jennifer Grace, Jacqueline and Michelle are each interested in sharing wisdom, techniques, and information that can lead to a life of physical health and spiritual well-being. Something to think about as the new year quietly rolls in.

This blog is dedicated to the memory of a friend, Jeanne Bice, an incredible business woman and funny writer, who beyond building a QVC fashion empire, used words to motivate others and to "Pull Yourself Up by Your Bra Straps."

For more information about Cervical Health Awareness month, click here.

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