Saturday, August 11, 2012

BEACH ETIQUETTE: To Wave or Not To Wave

As I walked along the sparsely populated beach, I said hello to everyone but the woman in the red bikini. I mean, I tried to say hello to her. I turned my head and looked her way. I was totally up for doing the nod of acknowledgment, but she was not interested in making a connection. She had two chances to make eye contact with me, but passed up both opportunities, choosing to keep silent behind sunglasses and a floppy hat. Everyone else that I passed today acknowledged me with either a half-wave, a nod and smile, or a verbal greeting.

These ladies were friendly and nice despite their lack of fresh fish.
The beach walk got me thinking about social interaction. I had some really good thoughts which I can't seem to conjure up at the moment. Seriously, I was composing some of the best stuff in my head as I walked along with no paper or pen. Are we more vulnerable in bikinis and therefore nicer? Is it harder to avoid others when one can't hide in a crowd? Are people just un-stressed and more open to each other on the beach? No hard conclusion yet. More research needed.

Me and two wet dogs.
But, I felt great. I was invigorated each time I shared a smile. I returned smelling a bit like wet dog, but it was worth it. And I found some excellent shells.

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