Friday, September 21, 2012


I have two of my own blogs -- this one and WANTNEEDXOXO. And I want to differentiate them publicly.

WANTNEEDXOXO is mostly about material and visual pleasures -- furniture, crafts, art, destinations, food, fashion, etc. Stuff I want to sit on, write in, put on, look at, buy!!!! Or stuff that I think you should buy to make your world prettier, cozier, better organized, cleaner....

MISS BLOGWORTHY shall be more about the bigger picture like humanity, history, socio-economic issues, philanthropy, injustice, happiness, etc. Sounds heavy but really just hoping to raise awareness and have a platform to speak about what move's me emotionally and intellectually.

The two blogs have crossed paths in the past. And they might do so in the future because not every blog topic is cut and dry -- for example a furniture manufacturer who gives a percentage of profits to cancer research or a colorful stationery company who is making a huge impact in education in third world countries.

I am excited about having blog clarity.
I shall write soon. 

xo Jane

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