Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ICFF: a somewhat belated review

Mood lighting: Delightfull's iconic floor fixture is on the money.
I had not been to the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in 10 years, so when I went to the 26th Annual Fair in May, I was impressed by its growth and diversity. While my heart responds to shape and color and texture, the most remarkable aspect of this show, is the passion and skill of the makers. As a category, lighting blew me away, but there were plenty of other gems scattered about. Overwhelming and lust-worthy, I found more than enough beauty to furnish my dream casa.  From floor to ceiling, here's an ICFF rundown. 

a great light fixture adds so much style to a room. Check out the oversized globe hanging in Boulud on Broadway. It makes the bar and defines that space.

From giant orbs to galactic style...Recalling Alexander Calder's mobiles, geometric structures, and space technology, here are some fixtures lighting me up.

Moooi's Raimond Suspension Light reminds me of the Hoberman Sphere
New brass pendants from  James De Wulf

Glassblower Jackson Schwartz of Hennepin  Made honed his craft in Australia.

 Michele Varian lace-up copper cone pendant fuses industrialism with Sherwood Forest chic.
Shapely and soft: UK designer Naomi Paul's pendants feature an exclusive made-in-Italy cotton yarn woven around a powder-coated framework.
Oh, those witty Brits...Mineheart puts a curious playful spin on lighting.I love the mini-chandi encased in glass.
Supernova is just one of the looming beacons of light created by Brooklyner Andrea Claire..
Also worth mentioning: Manifold's sleek barely-there Piccolo table lamp, Ilomio's simple and colorful enamel pendants (below), Graypants's flexible cardboard-shade Kerflights, and Gabriel Scott's blown glass Harlow fixture that's like deco diamonds in the sky.

Endless spectrum of delicious colors. photo: ILOMIO


Katherine Yaphe of Oliver Yaphe had seen enough boring hallways and came up with a line of patterned rugs that made the journey from room to room more exciting. Her biz is named after her dog.

Stomping on a masking taped floor. Easy on, easy off.
Judy Ross textiles in back of a Laurie Beckerman steel bench.

Eskayel's faded inkblot-meets-ikat aesthetic calms the most boisterous of bohemians.
Loved the throwing stone pile-up at Igloo Play, as well as...

Igloo Play's dense foam lounge chairs are designed to be more kid-sized rather than me-sized.

Gem-like results on reverse glass and acrylic  painted furnishings via Sublime Living.

...and the classic drum revisited.
Uhuru's Brass Stoolen makes a nice sturdy base of drinks.

From Offsite @ Site Unseen: AMMA Studio tables combine concrete with organic materials such as salt, silica, and coffee.
And for the garden, my personal favorite,
The most posh hose and its equally chic holder from Garden Glory.
and also good-looking metal furniture

LOVE the folding tables from Scout Regalia (image: Scout Regalia)
Racy style: The perforated Lami chair from Marka Moderna.


Design visionary Stefan Hengst turned a photo from a street market into a glamorous wall covering.
House Jewelry: Divine hardware from Philip Watts Design. I can only imagine what it feels like to grasp the wing and open a door.

And I cannot end the recap without mentioning artist Mallory Griggs doing her chalk thang at the Watermark booth. 
if you go to Watermark's Facebook page you can see fun time lapse videos.

Chalk graphics had been on my mind recently and to watch Griggs in action was a treat. Watermark's Elan Vitale design-it-yourself faucet was equally a big hit as visitors were encouraged to build their own
 That was my basic ICFF experience. Better late than never!

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