Thursday, November 6, 2014

In-Room Hotel Coffee: Never Enough Creamer

one creamer isn't enough
I'm traveling a lot these days and staying at enough hotels, that I finally feel compelled to take my gripe from a single tweet to a short blog. My basic complaint is: I am completely frustrated by the inadequate in-room coffee set up in most hotels. It just doesn't add up.

This morning I woke up at the Hotel Indigo in Midtown, Atlanta but I could easily be at any establishment (except for the JW Marriott in Buckhead which provides guests with liquid creamer cups).  I just made my first cup of coffee, and my long-term frustration was re-ignited.  This is what I mean by "doesn't add up":

1. Two  mugs. One dark roast. One decaf roast. If I had a roommate here at the Hotel Indigo in Atlanta we'd be fighting over who gets the caffeine.
This represents a good morning coffee color

2. Two packs of condiments, each with one packet of non-dairy creamer and sugar. One creamer never sufficiently lightens the first cup of coffee so I have to rip open the second condiment package and use that creamer, leaving my imaginary roommate with a black cup of decaf. Not fair.

All it takes is for the company that makes these chintzy condiment packages to up the ante, and double up on creamer and sugar.  Does anyone else encounter this coffee issue when they travel?
Phew, now that I've written this blog and griped out loud, I will venture to the lobby and out the door for my 2nd cup at a little cafe around the corner that brews Starbucks. And I will lighten it with rich flowing half and half just to my liking.

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