Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Today I am not in the classroom. I am home, working from here, nursing a cold, still in my pajamas and soon to make chicken soup.

At 11:55 a.m. I received a call from Broward County SmartFind Express, the automated phone system that pairs up subs with classroom openings. As the call comes in, I quickly go to SmartFind's website to see the job. The automated system takes a while to get to the heart of the matter and so if it is an undesirable job, I can swiftly hang up rather than hear the recording in its entirety.

The offer is for a job that starts at 12 and goes till 4. It is a middle school science class at Lyons Creek. The job will entail trying to keep 3 or 4 classes tame until the final bell. Lyons Creek is about 6 minutes up the road if I breeze through every light. Did I mention that it is 11:55 AM and I am in my pajamas) If I arrived at 12:20, I would make about $35 dollars after taxes for the effort. Somehow, I'd rather list something on eBay and take a chance.

If you've been reading this blog, you know that I am quite fond of subbing. And when my favorite sub coordinator calls and begs me to take a job that isn't quite up my alley, I usually say "Yes." And, I love the scene in Mrs. Doubtfire when Pierce Brosnan is choking and Mrs. D runs to save him, declaring, "Help is on the way!!" But I won't be playing class rescuer today. There's just not enough reward in it.

I might have been incentivized if...(and I'm dreaming here):
a.  the kids were nice and respectful to me and thanked me for filling in for their teacher
b.  subs hired at the last minute made time and a 1/2. ($50 seems like a more respectable sum)
c.  subs got points on an "frequent subbing card" and could redeem them at Starbucks.
 The school board could have an effect on # 2 and #3 - #1 is way beyond their control.

 FYI, it is now 12:32. I was called at 12:05 and re-offered the job. And I can see that the job is still "in callout" mode.

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