Monday, September 21, 2009


I am finally seeing the lice...........i mean light.

Last night, howeverm I saw the former. I was not happy, but neither was I in denial like the last time. The first time "we" had lice it took about 10 days for me to finally make the connection between sammi's incessant head scratching and head lice. I chalked it up to dry skin, allergies to shampoo, allergies to food...anything but lice. But you know what. We got through it.

Today, less $295, I could breathe a sigh of relief and release my children back into the social arena in which they most brilliantly shine!(Well, ok, that was a little over-dramatic, but the gentle sarcasm laced with iced coffee that's running through my body, made me write that.)

At the Family Lice Removal in Coral Springs, Sammi and Dylan were de-loused, I was head-checked, and we bought a can of anti-nit mint hair spray which smells good to humans, but repulsive to lice. Wendy Pincus, owner and Head Lice Specialist, has opened branches in Atlanta, Maryland, and New Jersey. We'll be checking back with Wendy for a $75 follow up visit at the end of next week.

I could also buy the product from Wendy, apply it, and then hopefully (and joyfully) confirm the absence of lice or eggs. But, simply put, I do not have faith in my own ability to know if my children are de-loused. I have never been a mom who does hair -whether french braiding or diligently parting and combing, it's just not my thing.

Last night I took the over-the-counter NIX kit and smothered Dylan's hair in the formula. As i sifted through her heavy, thick, beautiful infested hair, I knew I would be taking her to a specialist in the morning. But I continued nit-picking for a while. Even though i know i'm not that good at it, there is something very satisfying about finding lice and removing them. The "Got ya!" moment is extremely rewarding. You've seen monkeys at the zoo patiently lovingly picking through one another's coat....same thing.

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Jen - Earth Angels said...

I wish you were not a lice pro...ugh so sorry you had to deal with this