Sunday, July 31, 2011

WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON HERE? The Naked Piano Player in Venfield's Sputnik Chandelier Ad

At a quick glance, I saw the fabulous Sputnik chandelier in a posh room. But then, my eye wandered over the page, and located the naked piano player. "Oh my!" I thought -- not out of prudishness, but more out of the ad's audacious blend of home decor and sexuality.

This ad inspired me to start a regular Miss Blogworthy feature which I shall call:
In this feature, I'll state my side of the story and I encourage any readers to share theirs. I think this could be fun. So... here goes it.


This beautiful apartment belongs to Sergio and Paola. Sergio, in white shirt, is pouring his lovely wife her first glass of Dom Perignon. Their two children (pictured on the piano) are off spending the summer in Lugano with their grandparents, and Paolo and Sergio are toasting to a season of delicious debauchery.

They have invited a few friends over to play "Strip Name That Tune." The naked piano player, an outgoing Prada salesman by day, has already demonstrated the outcome of guessing incorrectly.

Judith,(far left), Paola's aesthetician, is game but somewhat shy. "Is it possible to dim the lights on the chandelier?" she asks with a slightly nervous laugh.

"With this chandelier, everything is possible!" replies Paola with a smile.