Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't Look Dead

This is what happens.

I am inspired.
I feel the urge to write.
Words pop into my head.
Sentences start to form.
I mentally compose a great introduction.
Then I do my laundry and clean the house.
Another great idea sabotaged, drowned, suffocated in layers of bleach and Windex.

I just got back from the Atlanta Gift Show. Besides sleeping too little, coveting objects, and seeing friends whom I admire and relish, I attended an hour seminar on "The Power of Blogging." The overriding message was that when it comes to blogging, the most important thing is not to appear dead.

And so I am determined to make time to write, post pictures and not seem uninterested, apathetic, or dead. Because I am very much NOT uninterested. In fact, the trip to Atlanta has, in some ways, caused many of the random ideas that once ricocheted off the white matter in my brain to take root.

If I can just relegate certain times for cleaning, I'll be off and writing.


Linda said...

Glad to hear you are's such a great creative outlet...

Linda Thiltgen said...

I understand your pain! Glad you are back. I love your humor and your thoughts and will love anything you throw my way! I had promised myself the same thing, with a blog post or six rolling around in my head, and I still haven't posted this year. Thanks for the prompt. I'll try to not look dead as well.
Linda T

Jenna said...

I guess it's all about showing up. And keep showing up.