Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rozelle's Linen Legacy

It was another long day at the Atlanta Gift Show. I think I have seen enough for one day. My back-up camera's battery is about to die. I am considering skipping the last two aisles.
The trade show tyrant in me awakens, and uses guilt to keep me on track. "You are here to cover the show. You haven't been here in a year and a half. I can't believe you are thinking of going back to the hotel and reading a book!!" The triumphant tyrant walks all the way to the end of Aisle J on Floor 8. There I discover a new company that makes me very very happy in a bittersweet way.
Sisters Gay (left) and Dinah started Shades of Grey when they bought out the remaining inventory of luscious linen from David Lentjes. David's wife, Rozelle Lentjes, an amazing designer who passes away from esophageal cancer 2 years ago.

Gay, a Birmingham-based designer and Dinah, a Nashville mom with great taste, already owned plenty of Rozelle's pillows. They were fans who are continuing her linen legacy.

This was a wonderful way to end my day.


Linda said...

This is really a nice story and tribute...

RRB said...

What a pleasure to see Rozelle's influence, her love of linens and all beautiful things, living on. Her spirit lives on in all of us who knew and loved her.

Thanks for that tribute!

Rebecca Rozelle Burt (Rozelle's Mom)

Dol Ste said...

I feel such an ache in my heart right now...I was going thru some old magazine clip-outs I saved in my sewing area and came across "Old Fashioned Artistry" showing some of Rozelle's linen creations & fabric.
I did not know anything much about her so I went to the computer & googled her name. I was saddened to see her work was ended prematurely with her death. I then set about learning about Rozelle Lentjes's passion & about those who cared so much. I feel like I lost a young friend...
I too have collected pretty things for years and here I am at age 67 not having completed very much with it all.
I posted Rozelle's photo & Obituary on my wall to remind me how precious our time here is. I grew up with 7 sisters and just lost my youngest November 26th, 2013 and there are only 3 of us now.
Thank you for keeping her legacy in the light. sincerely, Dolores