Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4: April Birthdays Bring Memories

1981 prom. I am wearing a Betsey Johnson strapless black dress.
 I have trouble remembering my dad's birthday (August 30 or 31st?), yet indelibly branded in my mind are the birthdays of some of my childhood friends such as Linda Rosenberg and Eric Blumenfeld,  born on April 4th and 5th respectively. Linda was one of my BFFs growing up. We had amazing sleepovers at her fab townhouse at 21st and Delancey. Eric was my first real in...well, you know. We were friends for 13 years, went out for six months, and he broke up with me right after the Styx concert in the late spring of 1981. I still can't listen to "Babe" without a bittersweet twinge. Happy birthday Linda and Eric. Thanks for the memories.

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