Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5: A New Philanthropic Project

2 sample cards from Jennifer Lanne and Valerie Weberpal

I want to be charitable often. Given the status of my checkbook, however, I indulge in philanthropy by plotting creative and cost-efficient ways to raise money.  My latest philanthropic adventure blends art, architecture, history and homelessness. I am inviting 32 people to each put their stylish mark on an Eames "House of Cards" card.

Here's the plan:
- The boxed set of 32 original art cards will come with a color guide book with short bios of the contributing artists. It will be sold via eBay or Etsy, yet I am open to other venues.
- I need a little help finalizing the beneficiary, and I think that since the prize is a house of sorts, I want to raise money for an organization, preferably not religious-based, that shelters others -- kids perhaps since the "House of Cards" is in essence a toy. Please send links to any organizations you really love.
- If you would like to contribute creatively or know someone who would/could --words, paintings, doodles, collages, photos, an autograph (Madonna, can you hear me?????) -- let me know.

There are so many good causes, so many people with unmet needs, and while I (a true Libran) need a little help finalizing details, I am sure that this simple prototype could be the beginning of a repeated idea that makes a big difference for many people.

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Michelle said...

Can you email me with some more details on how to participate in this?! Thanks so much!