Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rebecca Mieliwocki: Teacher of the Year

Photo from ABC News

The 2012 Teacher of the Year is a 7th grade English teacher from Burbank, CA who calls herself a "goofball." Rebecca Mieliwocki tried careers in law, publishing, and event planning before acknowledging that teaching was simply in her DNA, as both her parents were public school teachers.
Rebecca takes her job seriously and performs it with humor and optimism and gratitude.  She says other teachers have contributed to her success and she feels an everyday obligation to shine. Per an interview in the LA Times, Mieliwocki says, “Our children are our future and that I have a hand in guiding and shaping that future compels me to make every minute, every lesson, every moment with them count."

I have a folder filled with student notes and drawings. If "my kids" have free time, I always let them know that I accept small notes and pictures. I never leave empty handed.
Just for the heck of it I googled "Substitute Teacher of the Year Award." It seems that some states -- such as TX, SC, and OR -- do celebrate the merit of those strangers who step into the classroom at a moment't notice. When I googled "Florida Substitute Teacher of the Year Award," I got nothing relevant. Though there is no award in my state (currently), I will continue to sub and be earnest in my mission to prove that learning is cool. To this day, I remember when a 3rd grader asked, "Hey Ms. D -- this is fun!! Are we learning?"And they were.

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