Tuesday, April 24, 2012


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While the entire world is talking bout "50 Shades of Grey," I'm going to tame things down a bit with "Me...Jane," a children's book about Jane Goodall, written and illustrated by Patrick McDonnell, and published by Little Brown and Company. It was a gift from a dear friend who knew the title would  make me smile simply because she knows I love seeing my name -- even if it's not really exactly my whole name -- in print.

Here are 3 other reasons why I really like "Me...Jane."

Photo from TED.com
1.Because it's about Jane Goodall whose passion, devotion, work, and beauty I admire so much.

2. Because it's got cool graphics that feel gouache-y, faded, and grayed. Even the typeface is partially worn away and has that time ago look. The end paper features a hand-drawn diamond pattern that would make a great fabric.

3. Because it feels personal. "Me...Jane" was the name of my first business in NYC. I wasn't particularly into Tarzan or anything, but for a while there, in my 20's, guys that I'd meet at bars or parties or wherever all seemed to be named Tarzan. My biz card, decorated with leopard print, payed homage to that overplayed predictable coincidence.

Thank you for my prezzie, Leslie.

XOXO, Me...Jane

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