Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sad and Inspired by Roadside Memorials

A recent memorial for John, a high schooler who lived in the neighboring town
When I was a tried and true pedestrian in NYC, I didn't pay much attention to roadside memorials because there really weren't any in Manhattan. When I moved to Florida and became a driver, death at or because of the wheel seemed way to common. I was inspired to create something positive from all the loss.

Nothing came to fruition....the story of most of my "good ideas" -- but I still think about that "good idea" and just wanted to put it out here. It goes something like this....

There is a multi-location one night awareness campaign, taking place in galleries coast to coast.
The event is underwritten by sponsors such as Ford, AT&T, Absolut, Microsoft, etc.

Prior to the event, there is a nation wide push for people to send photos and stories about memorials that they saw everyday. Of course, there is a deluge of response all over the country -- it can't all go up on gallery walls, but it can all be catalogued somewhere else.

Galleries are filled with photos - of all sizes -- of roadside memorials. Perhaps there is some sculpture too. Images are submitted from professional photographers as well as from family, friends, just average shutterbugs. Short stories about the people who died go with the photos.

Crowds will gather at these galleries and make a suggested donation that goes toward education, funding texting/driving laws, MADD, etc. Art is for sale too.

It is be a dry event :( -- I think having the strength to abstain is a very positive message -- but there are exceptional healthful non-alcoholic cocktails and awesome food.

There is celebrity talent involved at each location -- music, comedy, etc.

There are airbrush tattoo artists who decorate patrons with tattoos designed especially for that evening -- ones that get the message of safe driving. So everyone can leave decorated with a message.

The simultaneous events will be live on-line. 

So that's what's been in my head all these years. If you are reading, and think this should happen too, and really have the wherewithall to make it happen, please contact me. I would love to be a part of it. And we will definitely have to have one of the events in Miami. Cool?

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