Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Laurie Lenfestey = Southwest style
I am a method writer of sorts. I get absorbed into a topic by dressing in it. When I was researching the color pink,  I wore only pink underwear. When I wrote about green, I bought a vintage green Peugeot watch for good luck. When I wrote about colors of the Southwest however, I didn't really have anything to put on for inspiration.

I am definitely attracted to certain elements of Southwest style. I love my friend Laurie's layers. I love the way Mary Emmerling piles on the silver jewelry. And I can definitely fantasize about modeling in a Ralph Lauren ad. In reality though, I can see decorating with Southwest style, more than wearing it.

When I went to the mall, everything seemed to be inspired by the Southwest. I saw nothing that I really wanted (otherwise this post would have gone on my other blog -- wantneedxoxo), except for a few images to capture just a smidge of the trend.

Southwest mall style, that I'm not buying, from head to toe:

hats at Charlotte Russe
feather-decorated blouse at Love Culture
cuffs at Charming Charlie
bags at Charlotte Russe
wallet at Dillards

shorts at Forever 21
shoes at Dillards
Sleep cheaply in Southwest style. This comforter was prominently displayed at World of Thrift. I'm not buying it either.

Do you like Southwest style?  Do you prefer to wear it, decorate with it, do both or neither?

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